Blood Stains (Part 3)

By Sharon Curtis

At the first light of dawn
Sweet Mary and I go
Together we will face the tomb
How ~ I do not know.

On arriving at the tomb
The soldiers are still there
We ask if they will move the stone
Their replies ~ cold hard glares.

But suddenly…….

The ground it shakes beneath us
One like lightning comes from the sky
With great ease he rolls away the stone
And declares, “He is alive!”

We fall down to the ground
Dumbfounded, perplexed, afraid
The light around us blinding
The soldiers shocked and dazed.

“Come and see ~ look inside the tomb,
He has risen from the dead!
Go quickly tell His disciples
It’s just as He has said.”

So shocked our bodies frozen
Our eyes blinded by the light
The words that ‘He is risen’
Yet uncomprehended in our night.

Again the mighty angel spoke,
“Hurry, and go into Galilee,
For there He goes ahead of you
And there ~ Him you will see.”

The bag of spices drop to the ground
And we begin to run
Such wonder filled words
The angel says of my Son!

Could it be the truth?
Could He be alive?
Then the words that He is risen
Become real before my eyes!

“Greetings!” He declares
“Do not be afraid.”
My Son was here before me
In resurrection life arrayed!

We fall right there before Him
Rejoice in Death’s defeat
“My Son, my King, my Saviour!”
Pouring worship at His feet.

“Dear mother, the blood upon your robe
Is a gift from Me
I am the resurrection and the life
My blood has set you free!”

O Death where is your victory?
O Grave where is your sting?
For here before my very eyes
Stands my Son ~ the Risen King!




About the Author:
I live  in the Northern Territory of Australia.  I have 4 adult children.  My husband is a mango farmer.  I have been a Christian since I was 11 years old and just love to write poems about my Saviour.



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