Julie Moore

Julie Moore is a lifecoach and freelance writer. She currently contributes to Break Free, a newsletter for women in prison, recovery homes and shelters, the Christian Women Online website and writes on her personal blog www.gracefullwomen.com.

Julie teaches life and job skills and women’s Bible studies. Her passion is to see others come into a closer relationship with Jesus by understanding God’s love and grace.

In her spare time she enjoys a good cup of coffee, chocolate, Thai food, blogging, writing, and music. She loves to spend time with her family, friends, and dogs. Julie and her husband of 30 years live in Georgia and have 2 adult children.

Julie has written 36 on Christian Women Online.

Into The Fields

At the doctor’s office a while ago,  my son and I sat in the waiting room reading.  An older gentleman wanting to talk continued to interrupt us as we read.  He told us about having to get his gallbladder out, that he was a farmer, and how hard it was to get his crops to […]



Today I read John 21 again and saw something else I have never seen.  Don’t you just love it when the Spirit opens the eyes of your heart?  It’s after Jesus’ resurrection and the disciples went fishing and caught nothing.  They spotted Jesus on land; He told them to cast their nets out on the […]

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Kayla went into the dressing room with four dresses to try on.  She thought to herself, “Why do I even bother?”  The realization of the weight gain had hit her square in the face that morning, as her husband spouted off another rude comment about how big she was getting.  He didn’t have to remind […]



I lived most of my life to please others.  I was the person they needed and wanted me to be.  It did not matter who I really was inside; if I didn’t fit their mold, I changed myself to make them happy.  So many years buried under so many masks, it’s no wonder I lost […]


rose bee013

His love is not a human love, it is a God-sized love that has no conditions or boundaries.  In fact He crosses human boundaries to get to me every day.  There was a time in my life when I walked away like the prodigal, thinking I knew how best to live my life.  He waited […]

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Father God, Today is one of those times I trust You to hold my hand and make me strong in every circumstance.  My faith feels strong now, but yesterday it seemed weak.  It’s not that I don’t know who You are and what You can do, it’s my own human frailty that keeps me from […]