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I am a woman in my eighties who has been a believer for over 65 years. I was born in Michigan, but have also lived in Ontario, Pennsylvania and on Cape Cod. I enjoy classical music, reading, cooking, and (most of the time) other people. I have four children who are scattered all over the country, and so my church family are my nearest “relatives”. My greatest hope is to make Soli Deo Gloria (glory to God alone) my life’s theme. Over the years I have had many highs and lows, and have found through it all that my God is faithful, and that He is Love. My purpose in writing is twofold. I am still working out many issues about what it means to be “in Christ’, and I find that writing things down somehow helps me clarify my thoughts. The other reason I write is to share some of my insights with others who may have the same questions. In sharing ideas and experiences, I think we help each other grow. I am definitely still learning. I am a conservative Christian, but I try to live under Grace rather than Law. I believe that we need to study Scripture vigilantly, because it is one of the two guides we have to the will of God for us. The other is the Person of Jesus Christ, and He is to be our example and mentor as we sojourn here on Earth. With these as our teachers, I believe we can come to live lives which glorify God and effectively share His Good News of redemption and forgiveness.

Chosen in Him

Stone Rolled

This has been a week full of minor pinpricks of inconvenience, of small irritations, of minor depression brought on by the realization of another year flying by and the somewhat frightening knowledge that my energy continues to leach away almost…

Crisis of Faith


It is a paradox.  If you are really serious about your faith, at some point you will almost certainly come to a place of doubt and crisis.  It just seems to be a part of the process.  Working these situations…