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By Melissa Zelniker-Presser I don’t usually get too personal about my husband, but last night at work God spoke to me about sharing my love for him with all of you.  About how God is the centerpiece of my marriage.  And how God redeemed the love we had for one another and used it for […]


NC Sunset 2

By Patti Burris With the bang of the gavel, my life was changed forever.  After 7 ½ years of marriage, my dreams of a house in the country and white picket fences lay shattered at my feet.  My heart ached.  I felt anger, hurt, sadness, desperation, and fear all at the same time.  I was […]

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By JoAnn Crane What am I doing that is of eternal significance?  What am I willing to sacrifice for the Lord in reaching others?  How do I react when I am called upon to enter into the “trials of the faith?” It’s mid-morning and before I open my ladies’ devotional… my grateful heart speaks: Good […]

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By Nellie Martin So many times in life we feel inadequate; our past hanging in the back of our mind and our flaws focusing in on us like a sharp shooter.  Some days we feel beautiful and some days we do not.  This roller coaster of emotions drives us crazy and we wonder, “Will I […]


Christian symbol

by Mindi Jo Furby Identity.  A basic yet crucial aspect of life.  Billions of dollars are spent every year appealing to our identities ~ from paying therapists to figure out who we are to paying doctors to transform unappealing body parts. Some of us live our entire lives in an identity crisis.  We’re always striving […]


path of choice 3

By Penny Jackson It is real, this pain I feel, My strength is almost gone; I hear a voice, oh so still, Gently guiding me along. As I reach out for the Father’s touch, My heart longing for His love, I can sense the warmth of His embrace, Surrounding me from up above. As time […]