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By Nellie Martin So many times in life we feel inadequate; our past hanging in the back of our mind and our flaws focusing in on us like a sharp shooter.  Some days we feel beautiful and some days we do not.  This roller coaster of emotions drives us crazy and we wonder, “Will I […]


Christian symbol

by Mindi Jo Furby Identity.  A basic yet crucial aspect of life.  Billions of dollars are spent every year appealing to our identities ~ from paying therapists to figure out who we are to paying doctors to transform unappealing body parts. Some of us live our entire lives in an identity crisis.  We’re always striving […]


path of choice 3

By Penny Jackson It is real, this pain I feel, My strength is almost gone; I hear a voice, oh so still, Gently guiding me along. As I reach out for the Father’s touch, My heart longing for His love, I can sense the warmth of His embrace, Surrounding me from up above. As time […]



by Rae Lloyd I cried out for you when you took that pill perhaps just to self medicate and you didn’t really want to, but you couldn’t stop.  I knew there was an inner healing for you, but you thought you could not get there yet. I cried out for you when you lived a […]


Dirty Hands

by Rebekah Cook A few months ago I had a lesson.  It was a life lesson.  It was a pottery lesson. The potter I was learning from teaches sculpting.  He taught me how to make a clay vase and then a bowl, using fine quality clay, a wheel, and a few small tools.  He patiently […]



by Rae Lloyd I love to stroll through graveyards and read epitaphs, especially the really old ones.  When you think about it, what is said on that tombstone is probably all you’ll ever know about that person.  It seems through that one-line statement or even the length of time from birth to death, for a […]

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