Dear Jen

Jen is married to Marty, with a daughter and two step-sons, and now a foster son. They share a Hobby Farm out in the Mississippi Valley of Wisconsin. It is a fitting place to land since her entire life has been littered with stray animals and birds, tame and wild, that wander in or are brought by friends. She had worked off and on as an ICU nurse and deeply enjoys the privilege of caring for those fighting to live or navigating their last moments in life. Her favorite memories seem to be centered on cooking and long conversations with friends and loved ones around the dinner table.

Jen is a middle aged chick who tries to remind herself daily of God’s amazing grace. After countless mistakes and heartache, primarily constructed out of her own poor choices; she is now free to rejoice in the faithfulness of a loving Father who has patiently waited for her. A Holy God who would sacrifice His only Son for her sins, and then stand outside the door of her heart knocking while she sought out other possibilities to fill, cover, or extinguish the hurt there. In the end, only His love, patience, faithfulness, grace and mercy could reach the depths and bring restoration and healing. Only He could wash away the guilt, and promise to use ALL things for the good of those who love Him according to His plan and purpose in Christ Jesus. Jen is a living example of this most underserved and blessed Truth, and wholly desires to see Him do the same in and through you. That you may know how long, how wide and how deep is the love of God for you. He truly is the lover of your soul and will end your search with a deep indwelling joy that cannot be shaken, when you too, simply open your heart to Him. He is ABLE!

The advice you will find here is not from a licensed therapist, mental health professional or any credentialed individual of that sort. What you will find is a Sister in Christ, and supporting staff, who will pray over your questions and concerns, taking them to the Lord for His direction. You may get an answer that helps, or you may get one that doesn’t… You may even get an, “Hmmmmm, I don’t know.” But even so, you will get prayer, and that Dear Sister, is the very best we can ever offer you. So, with that, please allow us the privilege of bearing your burdens with you, and feel free to share your heart.

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