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Farewell from CWO

by Darlene Schacht on July 1, 2009

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After three and a half years, and prayerful consideration I’ve come to the place where it’s time for me to step down from online ministry to better serve my family. Since it was also a good time for many of our writers to put down their pens, we decided to make this, July issue, our […]


Ten thousand hours is a good benchmark—that’s one hour a day, five days a week, for forty years (with two weeks of vacation each year!). If every Christian decided to spend 10,000 hours developing their capacity in a single cultural domain (painting, stress fracture analysis, genomic sequencing, you name it) and also 10,000 hours on […]


Terri Blackstock hasn’t always written for the Lord. Just over a decade ago she was an award-winning secular novelist writing for publishers such as HarperCollins, Harlequin, and Silhouette. With thirty-two titles published and 3.5 million books in print, she found that she was miserable. The compromises she had made in her career had taken their […]

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What first attracted me to Rena’s blog was the text on her header which reads: “Falling on my face is still forward motion and it helps me to remember that 3 steps forward with 2 steps back is still one step closer to where I want to be.”  I really liked the way she worded this on […]


Dad has graced my doorstep more times than I can count, clothed in denim overalls with a box of tools at his side. I still remember the old red box he carried way back when I was too tiny to lift it, but plenty big enough to pass him each tool. The words ‘Andy the […]

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Today I ate a 3 inch sub for lunch (which is a long way from the 12 inch subs I downed in former years), and for supper I ate a baked potato with the works—veggies on the side. That’s the way I’ve become accustomed to eating now: smaller portions, without skimping on the flavor. But […]