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Christie Lambert is a small-town, southern writer who is daily amazed by the love of God. Although she loves fiction and has published a few short stories here and there, her writing is now focused on sharing the grace of Jesus that has swept her off her feet. She is usually doing laundry for her three small kids and musician-husband, drinking (too much) coffee with her sister, and reading while cooking (not recommended for those who like edible meals). She is currently obsessed with learning how to play the guitar and finishing her degree in Religious Studies. Christie can be contacted at

What We Really Need


The world is a loud place right now.  Opinions are flying quick, defenses are up, and everyone is out to get their point across to everyone else.  People are mourning, people are hurting, violence continues because of hatred ~ and,…

Certain Hope In Uncertain Days

Welsh Country Lane

In so many ways, I feel like I am facing a new stretch of life right now.  And when my road takes unexpected turns ~ routes through desert-places, sudden drop-offs, steep climbs ~ I sometimes wonder how I will make it through such unfamiliar…