Christie Lambert

Christie Lambert is a small-town, southern writer who is daily amazed by the love of God. Although she loves fiction and has published a few short stories here and there, her writing is now focused on sharing the grace of Jesus that has swept her off her feet. She is usually doing laundry for her three small kids and musician-husband, drinking (too much) coffee with her sister, and reading while cooking (not recommended for those who like edible meals). She is currently obsessed with learning how to play the guitar and finishing her degree in Religious Studies. Christie can be contacted at

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Sean jumped in the car after school today, threw a paper in my direction, and said “Read this!” I glanced over the newsletter and saw the announcement of a new school-wide project.  As he buckled in, he announced that we needed to go home and find shoes that we don’t need or that don’t fit […]

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Everything we see, everything we hear, everything we feel ~ it can all tell us that it’s time to quit trying, to give up our dream and our calling, to give into despair. Sometimes, it would be easier to slide right into believing all of these things that are right in front of us.  It […]

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Over the last few days, I’ve been thinking a lot about Jesus.  Since we’ve been talking about how God is our King ~ our creator, provider, Lord of all ~ it awes me even more to think about how Jesus was willing to leave His heavenly throne to walk among us.  I love reading about […]


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(Editor’s note: this article was posted previously, but it was lost in the damage done to the site in the recent hack.  We are re-posting this article for the sake of continuity of the series it leads. Thank you.) Confession: when I was a teenager, I had a poster of Prince William hanging on the […]



I want to see God. Then again, want might be the wrong word.  “Want” implies that I’ll be able to go on with life without the desire fulfilled, doesn’t it?  I want a pumpkin spice latte, for instance, but will I survive without it?  Sure. I’ll settle for what’s at hand and keep that particular […]



We find that when we take up our cross, when we deny ourselves to follow Him, He is already there before us ~ bearing the weight, filling us with His own life and the power of His resurrection.  Jesus, giving us a ‘better life than we ever dreamed of’, gives us rest for our souls!  […]