Author: Nicole Querido

Nicole Querido is a single mother of two, residing in the suburbs of Toronto, Canada, with her fourteen-year-old daughter and twelve-year-old son. Nicole is a writer and teacher who seeks to live a life of surrender to God, whose redeeming power and love has transformed her life. Nicole is a woman, who has known the depravity and hopelessness of living without God, but in coming to know Christ in her thirties, Nicole’s life story became a testimony of His amazing grace. Nicole’s heart’s desire is to use her passion for the Lord and her gift of writing to share the hope of Christ with women around the world. Nicole Querido writes about her daily journey with Christ in her blog Redeemed and Esteemed.

In the Love of God

When chronic illness came into my life at the beginning of this year, initially I was tempted to ask “Why?”, but as days turned into weeks, and weeks into months with my health worsening and as the things I could…

Inside Looking Out

Person standing in front of window looking out

I have had times in my walk with Jesus, seasons of learning; lessons weaved in and out of my circumstances; lessons to help me understand, who I am, and who He is. There have been testings; where faith was stretched,…