Author: Jen Koop

Game Changer

Snow trees

Did you know that you could very well be the most prepared to serve in the church, or minister to others, when you feel completely ill equipped, unqualified, and incapable?  IT’S TRUE!  Why?  Because when we feel unable in our…

Lunch Lessons

Lunch lessons

So… It was the summer of 1992.  A very “cool” group of people invited me out for lunch one afternoon.  I was so surprised and excited to be included, they were the well-to-do, hip, young crowd that everyone wanted to…

Righteous Gossip


Sounds silly doesn’t it?  “Righteous Gossip,” is a contradiction in terms.  But, seriously, isn’t that what we pretend it is?  “I don’t want to sound like I am talking behind her back, but I am so concerned for her…”  “I…