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Yes ~ Infinity

The Infinite Cemetery

By Rebekah Cook It began as a typical playground squabble. “Yes.” “No!” “Yes!” “No!” “Yes!” “NO!” “Yes, yes, yes!” “No, no, NO!” “YES infinity! So there.” Boy crosses obstinate arms, chin down, narrowed eyes boring laser-holes.  Girl perches sassy fingers…

Crisis of Faith


It is a paradox.  If you are really serious about your faith, at some point you will almost certainly come to a place of doubt and crisis.  It just seems to be a part of the process.  Working these situations…

The Only Soul Mate You Ever Need


By Bonnie Fair She comes every Sunday morning with her grown daughter’s arm looped through hers as they walk to their seats in front of me. Every Sunday morning it reminds me of love that’s true, unselfish, unconditional, immovable.  The…