Author: Rhea B. Riddle

Shadows of Christmas

FARM plus Dec.2010 006(1)

In twenty-two minutes, it will be Christmas again. I stand in the silvered, but tarnished half hidden light of a frozen moon, and wait expectantly.  In the full light of the day around half-past morning, my family will arrive, and…

The Edge of My Mountaintop


Was it the heavy breeze of midnight that beckoned so sweetly Perhaps the moon flickering signals through fresh green boughs. Ah, it was a clarion call, high-toned sound of brass weeping in awe Enticing my adventurous soul once again to…

A Lovely Moment


I slumped in my deck chair; my eyes level with the bowl of the metal bird bath.  It was a pleasant view covered as it was with a greenish patina on the metal.  I had filled it with fresh water…