The Hope of In-Between

The space suspended between that first Good Friday and Resurrection Sunday must have been a torturous waiting game.

Scripture provides us with the details of the before and after, but not much is said about that in-between day.

We know Jesus was mocked, beaten, crucified, and killed.

The curtain was torn.

He announced in agony, “It is finished.” (John 19:30)

His body was taken down from the cross and buried.

Then… nothing.

Good Friday doesn’t seem so good in this light, and for the first century followers of Jesus, Resurrection Sunday did not appear on their radar.

Imagine it from their perspective: your Savior is dead.  The Messiah isn’t so mighty.  His teachings that once seemed revolutionary now are counted as trivial.

So they scatter.

They chalk this victory up to evil, and watch Satan dance in victory.

Hope is lost.

God is dead.

God may have remained silent on that first Holy Saturday, but that doesn’t mean He wasn’t moving.  It’s the pause before the big reveal.  It represents the mourning period before the dancing.  The sackcloth and ashes must be present before the healing oil can be poured.

Holy Saturdays test our faithfulness.

We are a people who clamor for audible answers.  We want proof, and we want it now.  Peace, encouragement, and security are all things we demand immediately, and waiting for it seems like unnecessary torture.

For those struggling with the hopelessness of in-between, be encouraged.  The sun may have set, but it will rise again.

For those broken by a failed relationship, all is not lost.

For the one waiting for the test results, you do not wait alone.

For the parents who struggle to love their wayward child, God gives you strength.

For the woman devastated by another negative pregnancy test, God sees each one of your tears.

For the couple working to piece their marriage back together, God offers to be the glue.

For the teenager crying out for direction, God promises wisdom.

For the seasoned saint wondering what’s on the horizon, know that God has your future in His nail-scarred hands.

Holy Saturday is a waiting game to be sure.  We’ve lived through devastation of Good Friday, but Resurrection Sunday is on its way.  “It is finished” means sin is powerless.  His strength is made perfect in your weakness.  Pain and weeping only last for a moment.  Death is simply one part of the journey on the way to eternal life.

For those who stuck in-between Good Friday and the Good News, take heart: Sunday is coming.



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About the author

Katie Heid has spent the better part of her career talking.  Whether it’s been as a women’s retreat speaker, member of her church’s speaking team, radio and television reporter, teacher, or a mom who has to repeat things one too many times, it’s clear she’s got the gift of gab.  She also loves Jesus and people.  Her lifelong journey with Jesus has shown her that since His greatest passion is loving people, that should be her passion, too.  Katie lives a chaotic life in Michigan with her husband and two sons.  It’s a life she wouldn’t trade for the world. (Although, she would rent it out in exchange for a good nap.)

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