God On My Couch

couch 2If God were sitting beside me on my couch what would He say? “You know I love you right?  I don’t want you to ever have a any doubts.  There is not one thing you could do to stop My love for you.  Haven’t I already proved that to you?  I never left you when you left Me.  I never turned My back on you when you turned yours on Me.  I followed you to those ungodly places and watched those ungodly things you did, but My love goes on and on. (1)

“I want you to understand that I am your Father and you can talk to Me about anything!  Even when you feel unworthy and disobedient, you can still share your heart with Me.  In fact, it is most important to just be honest with Me during these times so I can reassure you of My love.  I know you would rather hang your head and distance yourself, but draw closer so I can reveal My soft heart to you.  It is full of provision, protection, peacefulness, comfort, and forgiveness just for you.  Most people think My love is similar to their own love… conditional and limited. Yet if you could read My heart, you would know I gave you the gift that never stops giving, never changes, and is not limited.(2) Oh! but you can read it… In My Word, it’s My letter to you.

“This love letter is full of personal promises just for you.  I cherish and adore everything about you.  No, you are not perfect, but I made you that way.  When I stand back and look at you I am proud to say you are My child.  I know you have had some tough times, but I was in the midst working all things for your good because you are Mine.(3)  Even when it felt dark and lonely, I was there surrounding you, hemming you in on every side,(4) fighting the battle with and for you.  I have a call on your life.  I am using you in ways you cannot see or fathom.  It may look like your life is dull or at a stand still, but hold on tight I’m about to blow your socks off, girl! The plan I have for you has been in the works since before the foundation of the world was formed. (5)

“You cannot thwart My overall plan no matter how bad you mess up. I may not fix the mess, but I will repair the damage and restore you to wholeness.  Only don’t turn away from me(6), but pull in as close a possible and let Me wrap you up in my strong, fortress like arms. You are safe with Me.  My grace toward you is bigger, deeper and wider than anything you can conceive.  Remember when you stood by the ocean and saw how never ending it seemed?  My grace goes so much farther than that.  It overflows and pours into your life every second of every day.  Let Me love you.  Accept My heart, it bursts for you. There’s nothing I want more than a deeper more intimate relationship with you.  I love you in the same way I love My Son Jesus.  Otherwise I would never have traded His life for yours.”

I feel very blessed because God’s not only sitting beside me, but He lives inside me, too.  If you are His child it’s the same for you.  I challenge you to put in writing what you believe God would say to you if He were sitting right beside you on your couch today.

(1) 1 John 4:16
(2) 1 Corinthian 13
(3)Romans 8:28
(4) Psalm 139
(5) Ephesians 2:10
(6) James 4:7-8

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