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Bonnie Fair PhotoBy Bonnie Fair

A full cup of coffee barely touched in the late afternoon.

Made the night before by tired hands ~ the water poured, grounds measured, settings turned on.

With the early morning sunrise, fresh brewed scents float.  Poured full with hopes of being emptied by mid morning, the cup waits.

Hours pass the cup is still full.  Numerous times its been reheated, to be forgotten, only to be reheated again.  Yet its fullness is desired.  Its hot, dark liquid waiting still to be drunk, to awaken.  How just a little sip gives such warmth!

Its placed aside in the daily bustle that’s called Motherhood.  Moved away from tempting little hands, carried from desk to table to counter to microwave.  Hidden behind the papers of a home-schooled home, forgotten by the persistent need to tend, it waits.

In the busyness of the day the cup sits, patiently.  Much like God who sits and waits Full ~ His words ready to be drunken, consumed, awakened. 

Yet He is sometimes hidden behind the daily work load, behind the meals that need to be made, behind the “50 million” things to do.  Sometimes the cup is never poured, desired.  His words never present, hidden in a drawer by the bedside, forgotten to be spoken or seen throughout the day.

I need to drink from the cup that never goes empty, that doesn’t need to be remade, that stays the same yet makes such a big fullness in hearts and souls.

Oh, how I love your law, I meditate on it all day long.” Psalm 119:97

Just even a glimpse of a word or a verse can fill the soul with such comfort, peace, and hope.

In a world that knows little quietness, His spirit present calms even the loudest of storms.

For the word of God is alive.  Hebrews 4:12

Allow His word to be Alive!  Let it beat, breathe, move, exist in our homes and in our lives.  Let it bring life to the day; let it fill us up!

When the coffee is drunk, its usually because someone other than myself has poured it, sweetened it, cared to serve it “to go.”  Then it tastes better.

Just as that someone cares enough to make the cup of coffee for me, he shares God’s cup daily, the one that tends to be left behind, untouched in the rush.

Share His fullness, His word! In the rapid momentum of the day, while moments flash by never to be retrieved, I need to speak His goodness to my children, spouse, friends, strangers ~ share the fullness of His word.

Drink up, be full, be filled even if its just a sip.

“Taste and see that the Lord is good..” Psalm 34.8

© 2014  Bonnie Fair
Artwork © 2014 Joshua S. Fair

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About the author:

“I am a carpenter’s wife and homeschooling mom to two boys. When free time finds me I peck out a few lines about life, Spirit Fruit,and closeness with God.  I search to find a rejoice in every minute by being in His presence.  Reaching far to fill my imperfections with His holiness, I realize the depth of my need for someone outside this world, someone who gives grace and mercy, and who will never let this soul down.  By writing about Him and His love, I hope to be able draw women closer to God’s heart where true peace, acceptance, and life lives.   The days here are always loud, hectic, and messy, but its a beautiful mess and there’s peaceful praise in it. Your welcome to it here ~ .


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