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Dad has graced my doorstep more times than I can count, clothed in denim overalls with a box of tools at his side. I still remember the old red box he carried way back when I was too tiny to lift it, but plenty big enough to pass him each tool. The words ‘Andy the Handyman’ were hand written across the top, in permanent marker. Whether Dad wrote it himself, or it was the work of a pen-happy child, I’m not sure, but the label fit him well.

When we needed our roof repaired, Dad climbed the ladder to fix the shingles; when we were moving, he was there to pack the truck; and when we were building a family room, he lent his hand to lay sheets of drywall. I’ve grown so accustomed to picking up the phone to ask for his help, that I can’t imagine living life without him.

Many things our life mirror the spiritual, and likewise the relationship with my dad mirrors that between my Heavenly Father and I. God is knocking on the door waiting for me to invite Him in—ready with His toolbox to fix my problems. He holds a light in one hand to show me the way, and a promise in the other to cleanse me from sin.

I count it a privilege to honor the God-given role of fatherhood, and a blessing to share that honor with you this month. In doing so, I’ve opened a new door at CWO which welcomes three fathers to our group of writers. John Cox, Mick Silva, and James Rubart will be giving us a male perspective on things in their monthly column, “Mail from Mars.” It’s not only a blessing–I also find it necessary to glean wisdom from men, as God has wired them in a completely different way than we women.

We also meet with Jennifer Rothschild, our cover girl this month. Jennifer connects with Sunny Shell in Sister 2 Sister to chat about her “gift” of blindness, and how it has strengthened her faith. Jennifer also talks about her book, and offers three incredible giveaways! Be sure to read her inspiring interview!

Listen to your father, who gave you life, and do not despise your mother when she is old.
Proverbs 23:22, NIV


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