Author: Darlene Schacht

As Simple As Child’s Play

Light falls in the orchard, dappled among the gnarled limbs, and the apple blossoms fall too, a perfumed carpet for children’s bare toes. They’ve come, the children. Come to play under spring’s cloud of petals. They’ve come with teacups slid…

June’s Blog of the Month

Each month we choose one blogger from our list of over 4,000 women to be CWO’s blog of the month. This month’s pick is ‘Getting Down With Jesus’.  I sincerely believe Jennifer possesses a genuine heart for Christ and expresses this…

Moving and Timing

Hi, I need prayer. I want to move from where we live, and it’s just not God’s timing I guess. I need prayer for everything you could imagine in dealing with this situation. Thank you so much, Leanna