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What first attracted me to Rena’s blog was the text on her header which reads:

“Falling on my face is still forward motion and it helps me to remember that 3 steps forward with 2 steps back is still one step closer to where I want to be.”  I really liked the way she worded this on her header because even when we fall forwards we are indeed still closer to the finish line.  Rena has a 21 year old daughter and 19 year old son and has been married for 24 years to her husband.  She says about herself: ” I’m a follower of Jesus Christ and while somedays it feels like I’m shadowing Him from a distance, I know deep inside He is having His way in me. I wouldn’t want it any other way.”  You can visit Rena’s blog by click on her header image or her link above.


Blog Moderator, Sarah Lopez:

Sarah Lopez recently joined CWO as our new blog moderator, and will be searching through blogs each month to find just the right pick.

She is the mother to two small children and the wife to Jesse Lopez.  Both Sarah’s children were miracles of God.  Hannah, her oldest, was born too early weighing in at just 1 ½ pounds, and 2 yrs. later little Jesse was also born a preemie weighing in at 4 pounds.  Even during those worrisome days that she frequented the NICU, Sarah always placed her trust in The Lord, knowing that there is purpose for everything under Heaven. Both Sarah’s kids are now under elementary age and doing great; showing no signs of ever being premature to begin with.   She praises and thanks God for this daily.

She is just the average mom who has ups and downs like all of us, but sees these ‘roller coaster’ rides as lessons to learn and grow from; trusting that everything is always done through God’s permission only, and therefore she willingly accepts any challenges she may face, knowing that God will see her through them all.

Find out more about Sarah at her blog:

God’s Not Finished With Us Yet

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