Reluctant Daughter

Oh Lord I want to come when You call.
Forgive me
that you had to nudge so hard ~
Oh Father let my heart not grow cold
and so to be your reluctant daughter.
I want to come back to my first love ~ to you my Prince of Peace.

I come and bow down to you as Bathsheba to King Solomon to see
the wisdom You hold;
I come as Ruth to Boaz to glean in Your field ~ for I will go after none other except You;
I come as Esther Queen of Persia presenting herself to her king ~
aware His presence may bring death ~ to secure her deliverance.

Oh Lord I was despised when I was born ~ but You passed by me and said to me “LIVE”!
You crowned me and clothed me and made me to be royalty and set me on high with You;
Why do I run from you ~ why do I turn my face from You? You are Faithful and True!

Lord take me in Your Holy arms ~
I set the crimson cord in the window for you to save me ~ as you did Rahab;
Wash me clean with Your Living Water as You did the woman at the well;
Show me how to have a heart like David ~ one that is after Yours;
teach me to have a faithful heart like Abraham ~ so willing to believe!

Open my eyes to you as you open Hagar’s eyes,
help me to build you a legacy as Tamar built up the house of Israel.
You are my Father ~ let me no longer be your reluctant daughter ~

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