It Feels Messy? DNGU!

I better write this quick before I lose my nerve to post… well, the reality of this moment.  I’m quick to be afraid of looking silly in front of people, but it’s a fear/pride I’m working to overcome.  So why do I feel like sharing a post-workout, red-faced, wrinkly, make-up-less exhausted me?  Because I think I hide the struggle too often.  Sharing the fancied-up-just-a-bit version of me is safer. Easier.  I like to stay away from the ragged edges of the climb that got me to victory.

But listen, friends ~ if you’re fighting to do what you know is good & right… if you are giving your all to Jesus and to love others while circumstances pull at your motivation, and your days are long and your mind is fighting those fiery arrows of self-doubt and fear and all the things?  It does not feel easy!  We are called to put on the armor of God because we are in a battle ~ and no one hears the word battle and thinks that it’s going to be a quick, painless venture.  Do we fight FROM victory? YES.  Does God give us the strength we need to keep taking our next steps to knock down those attacks? YES.  Does He fight for us? YES.  At the same time… we actively participate.  Laying down our lives is an every-day choice that comes at a price.  And reality is that we get tired.  Reality is that we might end the day red-faced and worn out, shaky on our feet. It’s where I am now, physically and spiritually.

It’s like how I am challenged every time I work out.  It is uncomfortable, asks more of me than I think I can give and leaves me… well, you can see.  I do it because I know the long-term effects are worth the short-term struggle. I choose to exercise because it matters ~ but it isn’t easy.

I guess my point is this ~ if you’re surrendered to Jesus, if you’re doing what you know He is asking you to do… and it feels messy? DO NOT GIVE UP!  Tell Him about it, keep giving your cares to Him and know that He does not waste one single thing we offer Him out of our love.  It’s not always easy, but He is ALWAYS worth it.  Your choice to follow Him MATTERS.  Red-faced, sweaty, messy as we may be ~ let’s set our eyes on Jesus, remember who He is ~ strength, sustainer, rest, peace in ALL things ~ and press on. (Hebrews 12:2-3) We’re NEVER in the battle alone. (Heb. 13:5, Ephesians 6:10-18) #takeheart

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