The Altar of Worship ~ from A Journey In The Wilderness: A Woman’s Walk Through The Tabernacle

As I come, I can see oh God,
I can see Your gate,
I see the altar to lay down
all that You hate
It is at this Bronze Altar I come to pray
And to hear all You have to say
My eyes look upon it with holy fear
I look and see, and long to draw near

The Lord said, I too long
for you to come and see
But I will not take parts of you one, two, or three
I want your whole life consecrated it must be

I tried to make my way past this Bronze Altar
To only find that in my struggle falter
Because in my heart was a secret box
It could not be opened with a lamb, a goat, or an ox

You see to pass this place a price had to be paid
Just as Christ His precious life He gave
I too have a life, which has to be laid

So no matter what others might say
My life is but a lump of clay
I would rather be placed in the Potter’s hand
Then let all my efforts sink in the sand

 I have made my decision, I have made up my mind
A better path I am not able to find
I give You it all none of it I deem lost
As I release it I will not count it a cost

For me to live is Christ and to die is gain
It could not be possible lest Christ suffered in pain
I will lay it all down for You, every last thing
I will do it in worship and with a praise I will sing

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