Post Mother’s Day Reflections

[Editor’s note: we offer the following as a pick-me-up for the possible let-down after the passing of a holiday and for the uplifting of those who had a hard day instead of a pleasant one, and for the reminder of what is important.]

Our Mother’s Day trip home from East TN a couple of years ago was interesting.  For lunch, we made plans to arrive at a little town edging up to I-40 because they have several restaurants we’ve sampled through the years of traveling this route.  We planned to be there early; 10:45-ish, to beat the church crowd, it being M. Day and all.  Our main goal was food; having been at Tim & Wendy’s for 9 days we were spoiled by Wendy’s great meals by now.  In fact, I could still smell the roast she had simmering in the crock pot when we left, so my expectation for a great Mother’s Day lunch was growing.  Also, due to a fun-filled, busy-paced week, we had sampled not only her meals, but the best several other chefs had to offer.

This was to be our grand finale!  Home would mean one main meal at noon and for supper, graham cracker, peanut butter (occasionally a banana) for Don and plain yogurt with lemon juice for me.  The time element was determined by our secondary goal; get home in time to have a nap before going to bed (truth)!  So, we had our favorite eateries picked, one, a Mom and Pop place, delish!  The others you probably know.  We wanted a nice sit down lunch, good food, but not too long a wait. (definitely not fast food!)  We had forgotten one fact: the dining crowds of today world don’t exactly depend on “church going people” exiting church at 11:45 and entering the diner at 11:55.  In fact, due to our traveling, we may have been the only regularly going church people looking for a place to eat.  Due to the holiday we found everywhere we wanted to eat people were lined up to the streets.

We did a u-turn and crossed over the interstate still looking.  Don, a diabetic, really needed to do this thing…eat, and right away.  And there it was, we pulled in without even thinking; there was a parking spot right up in front of the “Pilot” truck stop.  Dairy Queen/ Subway combo!!  We threw caution to the wind and ordered… chili dogs, mine (after all I am the Mother) with mustard!  But, Don did ask for and received forks, this would have to do!

We ate fast after all; it goes down better that way.  After 6 minutes of chewing and shivering (it was meat locker cold in there) we trotted up to the counter and ordered oreo and salted caramel truffle blizzards, took them outside and ate them in the car.  And on that sweet note I must say… it was-all-in-all a memorable special Mother’s Day lunch.  Don’t get me wrong, we like both Dairy Queen and Subway on any normal day, but Mother’s Day… while traveling…car motions…chili dogs??? We will do it again, but maybe not tomorrow! …burp (sorry)!

May we be reminded in all seasons of Christian Parents, and the respect due them.
Pay close attention, friend, to what your father tells you;
never forget what you learned at your mother’s knee.
Wear their counsel like flowers in your hair,
like rings on your fingers. (Proverbs 1:8 MSG)


Photo: Jacquie Wagner copyright 2015



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