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By Melissa Zelniker-Presser I don’t usually get too personal about my husband, but last night at work God spoke to me about sharing my love for him with all of you.  About how God is the centerpiece of my marriage.  And how God redeemed the love we had for one another and used it for […]


NC Sunset 2

By Patti Burris With the bang of the gavel, my life was changed forever.  After 7 ½ years of marriage, my dreams of a house in the country and white picket fences lay shattered at my feet.  My heart ached.  I felt anger, hurt, sadness, desperation, and fear all at the same time.  I was […]

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What Really Matters

by Guest Writer on August 4, 2014


By JoAnn Crane What am I doing that is of eternal significance?  What am I willing to sacrifice for the Lord in reaching others?  How do I react when I am called upon to enter into the “trials of the faith?” It’s mid-morning and before I open my ladies’ devotional… my grateful heart speaks: Good […]

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The Bottom Line

by barbara greenhow on August 1, 2014

sea stairs

I have occasionally been accused of being pedantic.  I guess I take after my Dad.  He loved not only to know how things worked, but to tell you all about it.  He could go on for hours explaining the workings of a motor down to the last nut and bolt, and I can still feel […]

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This scenario may seem a bit exaggerated, but that is exactly what Hannah endured.  Eli allowed his sons to run wild, without rebuke.   They were having sex with women when they brought sacrifices to the temple.  Eli did accuse Hanna of being drunk, but when she explained why she was praying, Eli blessed her.  […]


A New Life

by Julie Moore on April 26, 2014


Kayla went into the dressing room with four dresses to try on.  She thought to herself, “Why do I even bother?”  The realization of the weight gain had hit her square in the face that morning, as her husband spouted off another rude comment about how big she was getting.  He didn’t have to remind […]