I lived most of my life to please others.  I was the person they needed and wanted me to be.  It did not matter who I really was inside; if I didn’t fit their mold, I changed myself to make them happy.  So many years buried under so many masks, it’s no wonder I lost […]


Snow trees

Did you know that you could very well be the most prepared to serve in the church, or minister to others, when you feel completely ill equipped, unqualified, and incapable?  IT’S TRUE!  Why?  Because when we feel unable in our own strength to help others, we must rely completely on God’s love to pour in […]

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I was charmed recently to observe a young teen couple who obviously liked one another, but who were terrified that the other might recognize their interest.  They verbally danced an intricate dance of advance and retreat.  I wished them well; I recognized the dance. Being a young teen is emotional chaos.  As you begin to […]



The black skeletal trees stand in stark relief to the gray-white background of all else.  There is an edge of ice glittering on the northern rim of each limb; it seems slightly threatening in this dying day. A huge storm was promised with blizzard conditions, but only a dusting of white powder snow is scattered […]



“Blessed are the merciful, for they will be shown mercy.”  Matthew 5:7 Mercy is pure mystery.  If grace is the place where God’s love and justice meet, then mercy is the medium that transforms our lives into offerings pleasing to the Father.  He is the Master Artist, our Father God… and with mercy, He molds […]


FARM plus Dec.2010

Oh my goodness, here I am again peering out the window on the door by my computer desk; this is my favorite spot in the house.  The sun is beaming long, streaking fingers through the dark, roof scraping angry clouds that are still hanging around in the west.  It looks as though we may have […]