Blessed Flowers


I am a flower,

I am a tree, to bugs that I do not see,

I glow in the middle of the rain shower,

us flowers are full and growing,

living and dying, and knowing.

All things of this world will come to an end,

like us flowers that bloom in love but die in sin.

Let us go, and be filled with truth, love, and kindness,

to encourage, to the story of truth,

to show that Jesus will keep blessing us as He has from the start.

Accept Christ and you shall be save and live forever,

keep Jesus’ commandments and you shall be friends with Him.

Turn from a rotting seed to blooming flower.

This you can do with only God, only Jesus, only the Holy Spirit.



About the author:

Hannah Slater loves to cherish God and is found to study bugs and all of creation as much as she can.  Hannah is homeschooled and writes poems and stories to help with encouragement.  Hannah Slater wants to help others in need and do what God’s will is.  She has found Jesus, a friend who will always stay by her even when life seems to be crumbling apart.






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