Ham + Cake + Paint = Christmas!

christmas-tree-1416069-639x426By Sherma-Jacqueline Felix
It never fails, every time I smell paint, I immediately think of Christmas!  Whether it’s in July or February, if I smell paint, I immediately think, “CHRISTMAS!”

That’s because when I was a little girl growing up in Trinidad, we would always paint the walls in our house and varnish the hardwood floors at Christmas time.  It was also the only time that my mom would purchase a huge ham.  She would bake it, and I would eagerly be awaiting the very first slice, yum!

She also made the most delicious Punch-A-Creme (eggnog) and the best sponge cake (yellow cake) you’ve ever had.  We had concrete floors in the kitchen, and every year we painted the floor as well.  Ahhh, the smell of ham, cake, and paint!  The memories of the good old days!  Sometimes when we think back on what Christmas was like growing up, we tend to think, “Oh man, those days were so good!  I wish those times would come around again.”

Well, the truth is that better days are ahead!  It doesn’t matter what it looks like right now.  If you turn on the television, there’s news of ISIS and Boko Haram killing Christians and threatening nations.  Or maybe it’s the upcoming USA elections and the mud slinging among the candidates.  Or the terrorist activity all around the world.

None of that matters when you consider that Jesus is still Lord!  Our best days are just ahead of us.  The whole world will still gather together in a collective pause, with marked respect for the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords, as we celebrate His birthday!  It’s so easy to get caught up in the busy-ness of the season, that sometimes we fail to grasp how supernatural this season is, and how good it was for God to include us in the celebration even now!

There’d be no Christmas if it wasn’t for Jesus’ birth!  Over 2000 years ago when the first angel announced His birth to the shepherds that night, they were astonished!
(Luke 2:8-17) Then along with that first angel there appeared multitudes of angels saying, “Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men.”

To your knowledge, has that ever happened to anyone else that was born?  Where multitudes of angels showed up to celebrate a birth? Never!  This was the birth to trump all births!  And to this day, thousands of years later, we still celebrate His birth.

It’s a good thing to immerse ourselves in the details surrounding the birth of Jesus, and ask the Holy Spirit to show us how supernatural it really was.  Let’s ask Him to open our eyes to the wonder of not just HIS birth, but OUR rebirth IN HIM!  It all flows together.
If He wasn’t born there’d be no rebirthing of any of us.  God planned it all, just for us.

What a plan.  What love He has for us that we get to be included in what He’s doing!  God’s love for us is, in the natural realm, incomprehensible.  But little by little we can gain more and more revelation of His love for us through Jesus Christ as we plug in to the Word of God.

So let’s do that this Christmas.  Let’s plug in to the Word of God more than we ever have and search the scriptures just like the Berean Christians did in Acts 17:10-11.

We’ll find out more about how VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS really is!


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Sherma-2About the author :
Sherma-Jacqueline is a Bible Teacher, Conference Speaker, Mentor, and Passionate Writer.  She has always enjoyed writing, and started off by keeping a diary in her teens.  She began prayer journaling over 18 years ago and began teaching on Prayer 11 years ago.  Her desire is to see the women of God rise up and be all that they’re called to be: Bold, Strong, Courageous and overflowing with His Word!

Visit her at: shermajacqueline.tumblr.com


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