Findings… by Rhea: Decisions, Decisions

The title of my new venture (this series) is “Findings.”  I thought it would be appropriate to start by mentioning how I arrived at that particular word to use as the series name, it did involve a bit of soul searching.

I thought of my life and the paths I have taken; the good influences I absorbed from family, friends, and most generously from a gracious God, through His scripture and any other means He chose to use.  His exquisite touch of mercy and grace has blessed my life since the time His precious Spirit ministered to my —feisty little-girl— spirit and I became aware of my need, then I accepted Jesus into my life by faith, and He became my Savior instantaneously.  Even as He became my Lord, He waited patiently through the time  it took for me to gain a full understanding of all that meant; in fact, I am still learning and letting go of things I didn’t even realize were held hidden in me!

My travels with Him through a long life-time are the foundations for this series. Has it always been a smooth and an easy ride?  No, but He has always been with me, and it certainly has been interesting, as you will see.  So, you understand I had a plethora of ideas for the title, but when it was the time to make up my mind the final choice came to me on its own.  I had searched scripture; bible studies, and rhyming words, nothing; I could not decide.  Some were too cute, some too lofty, some, oh well…  When I quit searching and became busy with the crafting I needed to do, the word just popped into my thoughts, including the reason I needed to use it.  It is not an earth shaking important thing, but I think it was a God thing, a gentle blessing for me, to ease my mind and perhaps to give you insight concerning my writings.

So, here you go.

The word “Findings” has a three-fold (a trinity of) meaning to me.
1. Findings; a term or word that describes the small, odd pieces that are used in jewelry crafting to embellish or unite the main features to the whole design. (“Small things” in one’s physical life or spirit are important to the whole person.)
2. Findings; it connotes precious truths discovered in Christ, throughout scripture, and along life’s pathways. (“Treasures” God strews along our way.)
3. Findings; a judicial term, such as “the result of an inquiry.” (“seeking” that leads to discovery and wise decisions.)

So, that’s it, “Findings” and the thoughts behind the decision to use it.

Here is a taste of the things we may explore together:

“My Mother’s Wisdom”
I find it refreshing that as my life continues I am still discovering my Mother’s wisdom, though she has been in heaven many years now.  As her oldest and most unruly child I was the first one to give her reason to practice all of her little biblical idioms.  As time went on, I realized they were meant to give me the desire for obedience and repentance before she sent me to the yard to search for a switch of a certain length and strength.  Of course by the time I had visited with my neighbors and turned handsprings all around the block then finally returned to the house with a puny stick her pressure had been relieved, (by my absence?) and she would put it on top of the refrigerator for later.  When later came (always did) it was gone ~ “here we go again!”

The special delight her long ago words give me ( though they were lovingly stern at the time) are always a pleasant surprise, and in the fact I am still finding them often in scripture.   As I read along I find them everywhere.  Sometimes, it takes a second reading, but there they are.  Yesterday, I found two while reading in Ecclesiastes 10:20.   At times when exercising my red-headed temperament, she would warn me, “Be careful the walls have ears,” and “Remember a little bird will tell on you!”  Usually, either of those would get my attention and divert me from the pressing problem of the moment, perhaps not for the reason she hoped.  My overactive imagination would kick in and visuals would come to life around me.  Walls with ears, birds flying fast and hard to tell on me…

A spanking was a “fait accompli” on some occasions and to cover her tracks, Mother used Proverbs 13:24 “Spare the rod and spoil the child!”  I promise you I never felt spoiled; I just went to get another switch.  Yes, even this verse brings a smile for I used it plenty of times, with a surprising small pleasure.

In fact, though I didn’t accept or comprehend the “correction” verses as intended, as a child, they did make an impression (in many ways) on me for I still remember and recognize and welcome the “Findings” when I stumble upon them.  My Mother was so wise she knew through the years I would read them over and over again.

Yes, Mom, next to Holy Scripture you have the last word, and I finally understand!



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