What Do Women Want?

By Julie Moore     How would I know?
Well, I’m a woman.  I have lots of friends who talk.  I’m a blogger who communicates with other women bloggers.  I’ve ministered to women in and out of Christian circles for about 17 years.   Communicating with women and trying to give them what they want and need is what I do.

So what have I found out?

Women want other women to be real and transparent.

We want to know we are not alone in this messed up world.  We want someone to tell us we’re not crazy and even if we are, tell us it’s okay.  We are desperate for someone to love and accept us in our fragile, harried, not so cute, sometimes angry, misunderstood state of mind.   And yes, even Christian women have their days when they need another woman to just listen and say, “I understand, I’ve been there, and I’ll help however I can.”

The word transparent is described by Webster as “free from pretense or deceit, sheer enough to be seen through, readily understood, and characterized by visibility and accessibility.”  This probably brings a bit of fear to some of you, to be open and share your real life with others.  Isn’t this what you want from other women?  And deep down, sometimes, don’t you really just want to be honest about what’s going on in your life?

Jesus came to give us freedom from sin and death.  He came to give life, not only in heaven, but abundant life here.  Abundant, real life cannot be found behind bars in the Prison of Pretense.  Pretending to be someone or something we are not only leads to captivity.  Once we’ve started the story, we have to work to keep it up.  Have you ever tried to keep an imperfect family looking perfect all the time?  Virtually impossible!

Part of my own story with this began when I started teaching women’s Bible studies.  I had been teaching about 4 years and my class was growing, but I was dying from exhaustion.  My thinking went like this, “A Sunday School teacher cannot let her students know she has problems because she has to set an example.  They need to look up to her.  If she struggles with sin she can’t admit it because she’s supposed to be above that.”  It was very hard to continue the charade of the perfect life while I tried to be the savior to all the women in my class.   This caused me to “burnout” because I just couldn’t do it all and there was no one telling me any different.  I gave up all ministries for 2 years and slowly and prayerfully stepped back in as the Lord led.

I am telling you different now.  Be transparent with other women.    I’m not saying you have to share every deep, dark secret you have, but when the Spirit of God leads you to give testimony as to what you’ve been through or are going through, just do it.  Do it for you, do it for them, but mostly do it for Him.

Nowadays, as I minister to women from all walks of life in church and the community, I am transparent with them.  If I’m going to relate to and share Christ with these precious ones they need to know there’s a real woman inside me, with real life issues, letting a real Jesus love her.  Then perhaps they will let me share how much my Jesus loves them.  And maybe they’ll believe me.

Hey, isn’t that what it’s all about anyway?

Scripture references: Galatians 5:1, Galatians 6:2, John 10:10, Luke 12:12, John 15:26-27


About Julie:

I teach workshops twice a week instructing women in job and life skills.  This is one of several opportunities God has given me to share my gifts of encouragement, teaching and motivating in order to help others reach a more fulfilled life.  My days are blessed here in beautiful Georgia and I am excited to be on this new path with God, my loved ones and you.  I’m transparent and like to share my true feelings.  There is freedom in being me and because Christ has set me free from pretending to be someone I’m not, you will see the REAL ME.

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