The Field You Tend

Your palm covered with earth,
You whisper my name into the dirt.

I am a seed in wait
beneath the surface, wrapped in soil;
placed in darkness to become
more than dormant possibility ~
this is hope buried where it cannot be seen.

heat, water, hidden hours
sustained & fed
day by day, night by night
into the season You call me.
more than just words ~
Your voice speaks everything I need.

I am a seed in wait
until Your breath fills me with life;
out of this winter, reaching for light.
more than what I dreamed to be ~
Your truth for me grows evergreen.

familiarity pierced by change-in-the-making,
my shell cracks open;
the old has been shattered, I’m rooted to You.

This is the ecosystem of grace:
in Your breaking, we live.


Photo: Christie Lambert, all rights reserved

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