So, What’s Your New Year’s Resolution?

By Jessica Kanakanui
It’s been the season for the famous question, “So, what’s your New Years resolution?”  Doesn’t matter who you are, you’re asked that question at some point.  Or you find yourself asking someone else.

To be honest, I don’t have one.  To make a resolution means to decide something… and I feel that there are so many things already decided that are still working themselves out.  That being said, there are definitely other “R” words resonating in my heart for this new decade.  Hope they encourage you.

REST ~ stop doing, and doing, and just be.  If you’re anything like me, I tend to be a popcorn machine of ideas and end up running around like a crazy person accomplishing what feels like nothing.  Christmas this year almost felt like a dream, and that’s not how it’s supposed to be.  Rest… be… let God speak instead of drowning Him out with everything going on.  Learn to be ok with not being “needed.”

RESET ~ get back to the basics.  God in heaven, who knows infinitely more than I, created me the way He created me for a reason.  For a purpose.  Somewhere in the craziness of life, marriage, kids, job, and ministry it’s so easy to lose sight of the why.
Why did God, who created everything, create me?  We were created to worship God, to give Him glory in everything we do, plain and simple.  The season I am in is exactly where God planned for me to be.  Embrace it.

REAWAKEN ~ dry bones awake.  Remember what it is to dream and even feel again.  Thrive instead of just survive.  Stop burying dreams and a calling because I’m worried what people think.  Who cares… the dreams God has placed in my heart are dreams God placed there, and whatever He has planned He will show in His time.  My job is simply to be obedient and to be open to walk forward into them.  I may not be the most skilled or qualified but God doesn’t need talent… He simply needs me.  With Him I am more than enough.


About the author:
Jessica Kanakanui is a busy mom with a passion for all things creative.  She, her husband, and three kids live in Kaneohe, Hawaii and love experiencing the outdoors together.  In her spare time (when she has any) she enjoys shelling, crafting, serving as one of the worship leaders at her home church, and designing floral displays for events.

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