Called You Friends

This song (“Communion”) … oh, I love it.  I’ve been kind of a mess listening to it today.  And I wasn’t sure I’d share it, but then a friend texted me the same thing, so here we are, because maybe it’s a reminder that you need, too.


I was reading in Isaiah a few days ago when this bit of a line jumped out at me ~
“…the descendants of Abraham My friend…”
I just stopped and thought ~ what a beautiful way to be known by God.  Of all the descriptions He could choose ~ He chose “My friend.”  What I know about Abraham is this ~ he wasn’t even close to perfect.  He had so many messed up moments.  But… Abraham trusted God.  He listened to Him.  He stayed close to the One who had called Him, in moments of doubt and waiting AND moments of joy and promises fulfilled.  Abraham believed God.  In all things.  And God, Creator and King and Lord of all, called Abraham
“My friend.”

I’ve been thinking about this ever since I read that line.  Something inside of me just said ~ “Me, too.  Let this be me, too.”  At the end of the day ~ at the end of all my years ~ if this is how He knows me?  Words fall short at the wonder of it.

But then I remembered… I don’t have to wait.
Jesus has already called us His friends.  In John 15, He said this: We are no longer servants but “My friends”.

This past Sunday, my pastor talked about living in the presence of God, in the joy and peace of His promises, right NOW.  There’s no need to wait for heaven, there’s no need to wait for next year or next week or even tomorrow ~ His Spirit is already here.  Already with us.  Already living withIN us.

We are already in God’s inner circle.  We are already His friends.  He invited us in ~
Jesus is the door, the Way we walk right in, boldly to the throne of God. (John 10:9,14:6;
Hebrews 4:16)

He has already approved of us.  He already calls us friends.  Now we get to live like it ~ trusting Him, listening, staying in this sweet communion that (although not always easy) IS always our source of life and never, ever, ever ending love.

What a gift.  What a good, good God He is.


“Here’s where the dead things come back to living.
I feel my heart beating again.
It feels so good to know You are my friend…
I don’t have to prove a thing.
You’ve already approved of me.”


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