The Sky Seems Bigger

The sky seems bigger these days, 
trees and knees humble beneath
what isn’t actually infinite.
This grand moon, small to You,
mystery to me ~
how the sun still lights us 
when it’s unseen,
how You are everywhere 
but still uncommon. 
Haunt me.
I’m weary of forgetting,
given to lesser & lesser versions 
of You.
Peel away skin of a faithless lover,
layers upon layers over original intent, 
unkept promises, 
dried & unbending tears.
Bring the coal, burn away 
shame hidden between my molars,
fear stuck between tongue & cheek.
Sing me awake with Your love song 
breathed into the winds 
that move the sea, 
these lungs, these dreams ~
like a seed carried into life 
on just the whisper of a breeze, 
move me.

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