My ♥’s Desire… Still

Psalm 37:4  “Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart.”

I spent many years thinking that “delight myself in the Lord” meant being a good girl and staying happy, and everything that I desired, wanted, and just had to have, would be mine.  No special effort needed, la, la, lull la, I mean after all I belonged to Jesus, didn‘t I?  Then as often happens for maturing people, time began to change my way of reasoning and understanding of the weightier (as in more substantial, not a burden) things of life, including the scriptures.

Delight myself: long to be with, long to know full, long to have deeper understanding of, wrap myself in, to love more deeply, and on it goes a living praise song with no end, inexpressible joy of learning and growing while being covered with His love.

“He will give you the desires of your heart.”
God opened my eyes to this part of the verse in particular.   It brought a new maturity when I thought I was already on top of most everything!  It was like looking at one of those eye teasing puzzles ~ if you stare long enough at the protruding shapes they become concave and the whole scheme of the picture is changed.

“And he will give you (me) the desires of your (my) heart!”
Again, time stepped in and unveiled a broader scope of this God breathed statement.  Surprise! I am not at all the subject of this verse, nor are my wants.  With an open heart exposed to my Father, my desires become the ones that He places within the heart of me.  He is giving me the desires that He desires for me to have.  What a winning combination, He has desires for me, He gives me those desires, and I want them, and now the two of us are in agreement, this is the substance of answered prayer.

Father, you know my heart,
You understand my need,
Fill me with Your desires,
For You are my desire.

When I get real with God  He becomes life to me, and since He always desires the best for me, He then places in my heart the wisdom to desire from Him those things He knows are best for me.  Ah, who would not want God’s best for their lives?  This is the way to live, delighted and gifted by my Loving Heavenly Father!


[Editor’s note: this article was originally posted in June of 2011 and well worth the re-posting now.]

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