Seasonal Beauty

Oh my goodness, this day is beautiful.

It has been a busy morning trying to catch up on my jewelry making and getting lunch; today, it was actually dinner, a big country dinner.  Our turnips are in and with a little butter-olive oil and Vidalia onion peach hot sauce, they were the star of the meal.  The cinnamon sugar Keefer pears were a second runner-up.  I won’t even mention everything else, for delicacy’s sake.

I was captured by the view from my kitchen window as I slaved away (kidding) preparing our meal.  This is one of those bittersweet autumn days.  Summer and fall are all tangled; the green still looks fresh and makes a startling backdrop for the brilliantly colored leaves.  My roses are competing with yellow chrysanthemums and the deep purple beans on the hyacinth bean vine.

I think of Kentucky as God’s canvas; He can paint anything He wants here, except perhaps a desert.  We certainly have no deserts, we are a lush sight to see ~ think of Kentucky painted on velvet (sorry Elvis.)  We did suffer drought here this summer, but after only a couple of days of rain, we were back to full beauty, and verdant growth abounded.

I would that I could freeze frame this one day in time, this moment with my doors thrown open wide and the breeze refreshing not chilling, not humid, just perfect.  I would pull the day out and spread it over me at the night-time like a down quilt and snuggle under the warmth of an autumn sun that comforts; I would swallow the gentle breezes and drift on their current to that land where I cannot rule, only enjoy as I slumber.

However, days are not for holding they are for turning loose.  Each day builds upon the other giving us another chance to become all we should be as we touch lives in every season.  The beauty of these days will soon be a memory as winter sets in.  Painted in our thoughts, the memories of days like this become all the sweeter for the bitter winter with its strangely stark beauty that is to come.

“Lord give me the wisdom to enjoy each day without comparison, or futile longings, help me to remember each day is a day that You have made, and I will rejoice and be glad in it. Amen!”

Rendered from Psalm 118:24

[Editor’s note: this was originally posted in Rhea’s CWO blog in October 2012]

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