Your Love is Enough

My grand daughter fills me with so much joy.  Her smile is contagious and her little voice is as sweet as sugar.  She is eager to learn new things and is trying out her independence, which is good and scary at the same time.  I don’t want her to grow up, but I want her to blossom into the person God has created her to be.  I don’t want to hold her back, but I want to keep her safe and secure.

As I write these words it makes me think that my Heavenly Father probably loves me in a similar way.  I bring Him joy and sorrow, too.  I’m sure He wants to see me become the woman He has created me to be.  I’m almost sure He doesn’t want to hold me back from growing up and moving forward.  I, too, want to learn new things and I definitely want my independence, even when it’s not the best thing for me.  My Father is all about my safety and security just as I am with Sophie.  There seems to be many similarities between the two.  But there are probably more differences.  While I will go to great lengths to keep her from experiencing pain, God knows I sometimes need to go through the hurt to find my way to Him.  I’m not saying He causes the pain, but that He might allow me to walk that road in order for me to get to Him.

The pain and suffering I have experienced in my lifetime have taught me more about Him than I ever would have learned if my life had been a breeze.  It was through these times that I had to draw close to Jesus to make it to the next day, sometimes the next moment.  I never want to go through this type of pain again, but I know He is faithful.  And because of His faithfulness I will make it through this life.  Because He is faithful I know there is hope.  Because He is faithful I know joy comes in the morning.  Because He is faithful I know restoration is possible.  Because He IS faithful I know I am loved even when I am not faithful to Him.

Resurrection Sunday is a wonderful reminder of His love, His willingness to give it all, and His faithfulness to be everything He said He would be.  Thank You Jesus that Your love is not a human love and Your love is enough.


Photo: Alais Wagner copyright 2014

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