Thankful For Differences!

thanksgiving-arrangement-2-1319349-639x480-1By Sherma-Jacqueline Felix

I posted this on my Facebook page recently and I would like to expound on it:

For some reason I mistakenly thought that the political drama, hatred, and vitriol would be gone after the elections, but sadly, it has intensified!  Sigh…

It’s been over a week since the elections, and the strife seems to have intensified.  This is Thanksgiving week and I know of two familes who are still so divided by the strife and vitriol that ensued over the elections, that they won’t be celebrating together like they have done for the past 15-20 years!  What?

Let me get this straight: A family that loves each other, became divided during the election season and as a result, they won’t spend time celebrating and loving on each other any more?

Please don’t let that happen to you.  Let’s be able to set our differences aside.  God made us different for a reason!  We each have different thoughts, and different skin colors. We were born in different countries; we come from different cultures; and we have different likes and dislikes!

I believe what God intended was for us to learn and grow through our differences.  I believe He wants us to have a healthy appreciation for our differences, rather than use our differences to cause division.  I’m sure you saw the accusations flying back and forth over social media, over something as simple as a difference of opinion!

The thing is, there is only ONE accuser of the brethren and his name is satan.  You are not him.  Let him do the accusing and let us do the loving.  Let us draw near to God (Hebrews 10:22) with a full heart of love, loving each other and doing what we can to make things better for the other person.

As you think about and prepare for Thanksgiving Day, please don’t let differences separate you.  Please lay those things aside and love on your friends and family like you have always done.  Be thankful for all that God has brought you through this year, and for where He, and only He can take you.

If it wasn’t for the Lord that was on our side, where would we be?  He has redeemed us, He has given us His life, His name, His Spirit, and His Word!  We’re a thankful people because of that alone.  Then add to that, the material things He has blessed us with.  Then there’s the health of your family and your mental health and well being!  This Thanksgiving season, let’s be thankful for all that He has done, and let us bless His Holy name!

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Sherma-Jacqueline is a Bible Teacher, Conference Speaker, Mentor, and Passionate Writer.  She has always enjoyed writing, and started off by keeping a diary in her teens.  She began prayer journaling over 18 years ago and began teaching on Prayer 12 years ago.  Her desire is to see the women of God rise up and be all that they’re called to be: Bold, Strong, Courageous and overflowing with His Word!

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