Heavenly Handiwork

By Katie Heid

Creativity runs in my blood, but true artistic talent hit the skids when I turned nine.

Still, there’s a part of me that likes to dabble and create just for the sake of it.  That’s why recently I purchased a canvas, determined to paint something cute to hang in my home (I chalk this deluded thinking up to the enticing lure of Pinterest, coupled with the false sense that one can flawlessly replicate anything found on the internet).

When it was done, TA-DA!  I hid it in the bedroom.  There it stayed until my preschooler spotted it.

“Oh. Momma, it’ sooooooo bea-UUUUUUU-tiful.”

Based on his reaction, I was sure he saw this:

Mona Lisa - Katie









But what he really saw was this:

Orange flowers - Katie










My little guy smiled some more. “Momma, I see flowers. They’re orange.  And I see brown.  Oh, Momma, so pretty.” Then he squeezed my face.

Sigh.  What a wonderful feeling to be told your work is beautiful, especially when you want to hide it.

Much of motherhood is similar to a creative project.  Some days, we may feel like great works of art ~ where our effort and results are to be admired and appreciated.  There are those other days where we may feel like a failure; we’ve tried our best, yet the canvas reflects shame and regret.

Fear not, since Ephesians 2:10 paints this picture: For we are God’s masterpiece.  He has created us anew in Christ Jesus, so we can do the good things he planned for us long ago.

God doesn’t specialize in junk.  He’s a skilled artist, patient and willing to work with whatever you offer to Him.

For the mom whose worldview has grown dull from the day-to-day grind, He offers color.

For the one who sits in the quiet of the empty nest, He offers a fresh perspective.

For the woman who feels out of control, He offers a place where she can rest and enjoy the view.

For the one who has grown weary from the poor decisions of others, He lets character take shape.

For the tattered soul who strings together broken pieces of a million mistakes, He stitches it together into a beautiful quilt.

Mothers, take heart.  You are God’s masterpiece.  He can turn the shabby into chic.  The broken into beautiful.  He brings joy to those drowning in grief and hope to those depleted by life’s demands.

The canvas on which our story is told is ever-changing.  When our kids are young, we feed, bathe, comfort, snuggle, and protect.  As they grow older, we instruct, coach, support, and allow difficult lessons to be learned.  As our babies enter adulthood, we smile, cry, and learn to let go.  And as you do these things, God will sculpt, paint, and chisel you ~ His masterpiece ~ regardless of where you find yourself on this journey.

Today you may feel like a human version of the Sistine Chapel.  Tomorrow, you may struggle like that amateurish orange flower painting.  It’s okay.  God’s gallery is full of works in progress ~ and He’s delighted to show off what He’s done in you.


Katie Heid © 2015
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About the author:

Katie Heid believes God never wastes hurt or disappointment. She uses the hurts and disappointments from her own life to help others learn the same.  She has traveled throughout the Midwest to minister to women from all walks of life and help them cultivate a deeper relationship with God and experience the hope He offers.

Katie is a graduate of Olivet Nazarene University and the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University.  She is a former television reporter and anchor for WLNS in Lansing, Michigan. Currently, she teaches writing and public speaking courses at Baker College and serves on the speaking team at her church. She makes her home in Michigan with her husband and two sons.



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