“SONG of HEAVEN” Findings by Rhea

Songs - RheaPsalm 118:14 The Lord is my strength and my SONG and He has become my Salvation!

In times of brokenness, in times of seeing life through a dark prism, I search and find the Song of my life, my Lord.  As I remain in His presence, He guides my focus, and I dwell on Him and light returns; I hear the music once again.

Those times I cannot understand My Lord’s desires for my life, or even hear holy words ~ I can still experience His music.  I am enthralled as His melody runs through my soul, and by the passion with which He draws me to the heavenly realms as His hymns become living praise and wash over me.

His rhythm is my very heartbeat.  I am in awe of the powerful tempo as His faithfulness courses through my life; it brings me to my knees.  I long to dance in His light, surrounded by the carol of His being as He feeds the God~thirst in me.

I long for answers; but rather I am blessed with a call to come into His presence, and so I step into an anthem of prayer.  I cry for patience and the lullaby that He is soothes my need.  His song is hope, as He pleads His interceding love for me.

By the music of Him, I am mesmerized.  Jesus, the song of heaven, the Awesome Mighty King; He so loves me!  He moves through me with a madrigal of strings, and they are strummed by mercy and compassion.  He serenades the trinity I worship through me, and as I wait on Him, I sing with Him; we make heavenly music together.

Do you know the song?

Can you feel the beat?

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