My Prince Has Come

Blue heartShe laughs with him, they dance.

They twirl and her gown flows wide.

The glass slippers are elegant and perfect.

The ballroom is crowded, but they are alone.

He sees her deeply.  She longs to see him that way too.

She wonders if this is real or a dream.

Yet as she moves, body in motion she knows… her prince has come.

He is here.  He loves her.  He sees her.

Every girl’s dream is to find her Prince Charming, but every girl’s dream doesn’t come true.  Sometimes she’s lucky to find a good man, but it’s never perfect and truth be told never could be.

Perfection in man is a fairy tale.  We want our knight in shining armor to save us from this ugly world, but it can’t be done.  Can it?

Oh yes!  Jesus is our Prince Charming, the One who has come to give us a life of abundance.  He came to save the day over 2000 years ago.   A woman’s need to be swept off her feet is a need put in her heart of hearts purposely by our Maker.  Without the need, the want, to be loved so passionately, so deeply, so perfectly, without flaw or judgment we would never seek the Prince.  However, because we need Him, we look for Him and we so often look in the all the wrong places.  That’s why our fragile hearts get broke over and over again throughout life.  If we only knew that the secret to finding our dreams was wrapped up in ONE person, we’d never waste time elsewhere.

For those of us who have let ourselves be found by Prince Charming life has changed.  We are free to be the women we were created to be.  We no longer feel the great need for other things or people to make us happy because the emptiness has been filled by our TRUE LOVE.  Sure we waver sometimes and venture back into the streets searching for a quick fix, but we return to our Prince or He rescues us once again from the world, the enemy, and ourselves.

After a time in the filthiness of the world, you’d think He would reject us and send us back out, but He just welcomes us and even pursues us with passion.  There is no love like His love and in Him a girl’s dreams can come true.

Oh yes, my Prince has come!

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