A Life That Sings: Introduction

I sat enthralled as I listened to Beth Moore, through the Holy Spirit, tugging on the hearts of women on Life Today, challenging them to have a life that sings.  The question would not leave me, do I have a life that sings?  What does it mean to have a life that sings?  I have to be brutally honest with myself, I do not have a life that sings, at least from my perspective.  What is God’s perspective, what does He require to esteem one with the distinguished honor of a life that sings?

Fortunately for us, God views us much differently than we see ourselves.  Our mirrors are dulled to God’s love for us and few of us confidently believe that God is well pleased with our lives.  Surprisingly, many women in the Bible also felt unworthy.  Many of the women we will look at were suffering from abandonment issues, abuse, and slavery ~ naturally and spiritually.

The truth is we all have a life that sings, the difference is in the tune.  Will we leave the world with a pretty song, or an off key tune?  Some of the women in the Bible have stories that began ugly, yet turned beautiful.  A few began and ended ugly.  We are going to look at some women in the Bible that witnessed God’s intervention in their lives, as He revealed himself to them.  He gave beauty for ashes, the oil of joy for mourning, and the garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness (Isaiah 61:3).  Our hearts will break as we see some that refused God’s merciful love.

A truth we must accept in our deepest being is that God is not through with us. In the midst of our heartache, abuse, and betrayal, God sees us as His beautiful daughters.  He takes our hurts and uses it for our good.

“What happened in the past that was painful has a great deal to do with what we are today.” I heard it said once, but there is not much truth to it once we become born again.  Jesus changed all that, and made all things new.  When I researched the source of that quote, I found a pivotal portion left unsaid, William Glaser speaks a world of truth: “[B]ut revisiting this painful past can contribute little or nothing to what we need to do now.”

God views us through the Cross, the shed blood of His beloved Son, who became sin for us, banished our sin and pain into the depths of the sea.  His desire is to restore, and we will take a journey to be eye-witnesses to this restorative power through the Word in some unexpected lives.

A Treasure Hunt
When you look at yourself what do you see?
Do you know the beauty that is inside of you?
Do you see all that I have created you to be?
You are a most beautiful, and a costly jewel.
For you are rubies and emeralds and diamonds and such
I gave all I have for you, I created you, I love you very much
Somehow you were lost and thrown in the dirt
When I lost you my heart was full of sorrow and hurt
So I pulled out my satchel and packed up my shovel
I went on a treasure hunt for a jewel through all that rubble
I packed up my treasure map and off I went on a journey,
I went that I may hunt for my lost precious treasure in a hurry
When I found you, you were covered with dirt and there was mire
But when I am through cleaning you, I’ll give that jewel back its fire
I will chisel and polish that lost jewel so it will shine
You are a costly treasure you are my own one of a kind
Underneath that rock stands a jewel shining bright as a star
The warmth of that jewel will draw many from near and from far
I Am your High Priest I will bear your name upon on my breast
I have made a special place for you inside the Father’s treasure chest
© 2004 Heather Green

In His Grace,

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