The Passover Lamb

Why is this night different from all other nights? The questions bears repeat

The remembrance of how you delivered from bondage without retreat

You came to set the captives free from a life of slavery

I applied the blood the destroyer passed right over me

The lamb, the bread, the wine, the herbs bitter to the tongue

Had You not delivered us, we would be undone

Our loins are gird and sandals on our feet

Our bitter days of bondage are almost complete

Our staff in hand our bread unleavened we must leave in haste

You struck down our enemies in the middle of their chase

You drowned the horse and rider in the darkest depths of the sea

Our enemies strewn before us never again will they be


From Old to New the Blood holds true my sins forever clean

The Son of God shed His blood to free you from where you’ve been

Jesus Christ beaten, bruised and torn He is our Pascal Lamb

He is the Lamb, the Bread and Wine He is the Great I AM

My sin is gone and washed away, I am forever clean

I applied the blood to my heart-set apart the destroyer passed over me

My bitterness and sickness He took upon His back

He gave all through the cross I will never lack

My slavery is over The Lamb has set me free

My name in the Lambs Book of Life will forever be


Heather Green
© Copyright 2011


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