My Passion

I stand here and look up to a cross on a hill

All of creation was in chaos but yet I was still

Amazed at the way you were beaten and torn

How could they hate you and show you only scorn?


Do they know that you did this out of such love?

Do they know you were sent here from above?

Yet it must be done so that all is as you have said

Oh Lord your torn body and the thorns in your head!


Oh Lord I helped drive that nail through your hand

Because we all turned away and sinned every man

You were led away as a lamb to the slaughter

Yet you did it to redeem every son and daughter


Oh Lord I pray let not your death be in vain

Or that I take for granted your suffering and pain

May I be faithful to you up until death

May I never deny you till I take my last breath


This was my passion I knew I must die

But not for long would I in a grave lie

For every person of creation was before my face

As I gladly died to pour out God’s grace


I was crucified so that all people will be

Chosen, cleansed and set apart for me

I long to know you and to call you my friend

So that we will be together always to the end


I gave you my body I Am the Bread of Life

You are my spotless bride my beloved wife

I gave my blood poured out just for you

When you drink you are free, cleansed and anew


Take my body and blood in remembrance of me

Remember that I died to set every person free

I long to commune with you and call you by name

I paid the price so that you will never be the same


Piper Green
© 2004


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