My “Sole” and the New Year

Will I ever get too old to learn?

If you can believe it, I often have the nastiest taste in my mouth, and I only realized it after I take my foot out.  It doesn’t seem to matter if I have my shoe on or if all of my toes are bare, polished applied, or nails trimmed; the taste is the same.  I can get my foot in very easily, and quickly.  I just open wide and give a little shove and in it goes, or sometime I actually think it walks up my body and jumps in all by itself without any help at all.  However it happens, I am left with an after taste.   Am I the only one with this problem?

Because I do this writing thing, careless words — too easily — slip in and out of my thoughts!  They spread to my fingertips and end in a general blood-letting at the worst, or simple belittling spilling out for the world to see.  Whether written or vocalized, once seen by other eyes and heard by other ears, it is here to stay and no shredder can destroy the evidence.

Damage is done; the bad taste lingers.

Now what to do after gagging on the foot in mouth ~ chalk it up to a lesson learned?  Beg for forgiveness; make that new start with an empty, clean, rinsed mouth, and washed pure thoughts ~ what is in the heart (and thoughts) eventually come out of the mouth.  Surely, if I desire discipline, God will wrestle this wretched fault away from me.  It may leave wounds; I hope they show.  That may take care of my part.

What about the “foot sharing” others have had to experience?  Many consider words of remorse cheap, and it may take a visible life change to convince some. From this moment, I resolve to keep my foot on the floor where it belongs, my tongue off the things that are out of my realm — that covers a rather large territory!  I will give my concerns and thoughts to God to handle and not burden others, who surely are having their own problems, with my foot to tongue tendencies!


Psalm 19:12-14
None of us knows our faults.
Forgive me when I sin
Without knowing it.
Don’t let me do wrong
Or let sin have control over my life.
Then I will be innocent,
And not guilty
Of some terrible fault.


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