The Sum of the Moments

I am one of those people who look far too long at what was on the road behind me, at what I could have done, at what I should have done and worst of all, what could have been.  It’s only after meticulously examining each step that I’ve taken that I am able to dust myself off to move forward on this path of life.  The smallest reminder of the life left behind will turn my gaze to the rear-view mirror where the images of mistakes I’ve made, and the life I’ve lived, are looming in the shadows behind me.

But my Jesus knows what I see in my past and gently reminds me that the things in the mirror are not as they seem.  In His eyes, each of these moments gone by is simply a brush stroke being added to the canvas, as the beautiful picture of my life is being painted by the One who knows how to use all those shadows to accentuate His Light.  Each stroke has a purpose.  Every experience I have had has led me to this very moment.  The many bright and cheerful colors stand out against the dark and painful ones, and as I look through Jesus’ eyes, I am able to see  all that has already been painted on my canvas, even each stroke of the things I wish I could forget, are all coming together.  This lifetime of memories behind me is forming the base for what is yet to come.

As spring comes and I face the new seasons ahead, I stand before my God with my life laid out before Him; not looking for what is behind longing to go back, but looking forward to seeing how He is going to use each of the scattered strokes of my life to paint a masterpiece.   It is not the individual strokes that make the painting, but the picture that evolves from them.  And it is not individual moments of our lives that bring greatness, but the beauty comes from how the sum of the moments come together to reflect the greatness of our God

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