CWO’s Blog of the Month

Each month CWO chooses one blogger from our list of over 3,000 women to be CWO’s blog of the month.

This month’s pick is Leigh Gray from “Speaking Thru Me.”

Leigh describes her blog by saying, “it was birthed through what I feel God does in me and through me each day–Speak. This blog is a journal of my personal time with the Lord each day. I am not a private person for the most part and have always allowed my diary or heart to be read by anyone. This blog is no different. The good, bad, and ugly will be shared for all, but is directed to Him!

5 comments for “CWO’s Blog of the Month

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  3. March 4, 2009 at 8:17 PM

    CONGRATS on being featured! I visited your blog and it made me smile!

    Debra 🙂

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