A Mom’s Favorite Words


Mother is the most beautiful word in the English language, says a survey conducted by the British Council. According to the survey’s results, the ten most beautiful words are:


Lovely words, all of them. But reading that got me to thinking: what are a mother’s favorite words? Hmmmm…..how about sleep? Yep, that would probably be it—especially if the word is preceded by the adjective uninterrupted. Ah, bliss!

A mom’s second most-beloved word or phrase? It just might be, “I’ll change his diaper, honey,” or the acknowledgement (rarely received but always appreciated), “Wow, you sure did a lot today!”
Speaking of doing a lot, since this month makes even the most organized mommy’s head spin, the best present I could receive as a mom would be these words: “Let’s not do Christmas cards this year.” Talk about a gift!

Here are a few other phrases that get a mom’s heart racing (gals, if you’re feeling really brave and sneaky, print this out so you can slip it in your hubby’s sock drawer):

10. Let’s just cuddle tonight.
9.  Are those magic jeans? Your rear looks tiny in them.
8.  I have a floral delivery for you. Will you be home later?
7.  Mom, you watch [insert favorite television show here]. I’ll vacuum.
6.  Do you like your massage gentle or firm?
5.  Your child is so well-adjusted/polite/neat/smart/normal.
4.  Thanks for offering, but all our volunteer positions are suddenly filled.
3.  I’ll take carpool duty today.
2.  Here’s breakfast in bed, sweetie. And no, the kids didn’t make it—I did!

There are also tons of Biblical phrases that I find especially beautiful. Here are a few on my personal top-ten list: “He gives sleep to those He loves”; “He gently leads those who have young” (I need to follow someone other than my oldest, who’s likely to lead me right off the side of a cliff); “Peace I give you” (this one comforts me when my hubby is working late, my toddler won’t quit crying, and my fifth grader won’t stay in bed); and “With God all things are possible” (for when the baby’s been up all night and I have a presentation to give at ten a.m.).

Thinking about those words—written long ago, but oh-so-relevant today—helps me to calm down in the midst of the chaos that is motherhood.

You know what also helps me to calm down? When my husband says the phrase that’s #1 with moms everywhere:

        1.   Let’s go out to eat tonight!

©2008, Dena Dyer

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