Anything’s Possible at Christmas


Today my husband, Jim, and I went to the crafts store to buy Christmas decorations. We purchased one of those 12 foot, pre-lit faux trees that you can erect in 15 minutes, or so the box says. In truth, we still can’t get the bottom three rows of tree branches to light and we’ve been at this for over and hour!  

But, Christmas really is my favorite time of the year. The lights, the sense of anticipation in children’s eyes, and the pleasant demeanor of people make this time of the year special. I think Christmas offers everyone a wonderful sense of hope….. if God could send His most amazing Son into the world to show us the way, the truth, and the life, then what better time than this to hope?

I remember one very special Christmas back a few years ago when my friend Marie sent me a beautiful letter that changed my life. You see, Marie and I had been the closest of friends through high school, then we had a falling out, and our lives went in different directions. We hadn’t seen or spoken to each other for 20 years when her letter found me. 

It was like we had never been apart, and all the transgressions of the past were forgotten. What on earth did we disagree about so long ago? 

Oh the joy of resurrected friendships. While I never lost hope that I’d be in contact with Marie again, I was discouraged at times. Dreams are ethereal things and we often doubt we’ll see our anticipation fulfilled. But that’s what I love about Christmas.

It’s a time when miracles can occur. If a child can be born in a manger and his life impact the world, then we can have confidence in God, that our dreams can become a reality. 

Having Marie come back into my life was a gift from the heart of God. Not only was I able to renew a friendship never forgotten, but I was able to once again share my heart with someone who loved me and cared about the intimate aspects of my journey. Christmas is indeed a time of miracles! Whatever you are hoping for, have confidence that God knows the desires of your heart.

Right now, I’m just hopeful Jim will figure out how to get the bottom three rows of Christmas tree lights to work. Anything’s possible!

©2008, Tamra Nashman

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