Giving Your Food Issues to God

Hi Candace! I just read the weight-loss question you answered, and wondered, what did you mean by “giving your food issues up to God”?

I am a married mother of four and I am having such a hard time! (I am on Weight Watchers)


By “food issues” I meant some unhealthy eating habits I’d acquired in the past. For me, the only way to get past my abuse with food was getting serious about it with God. I needed to constantly pray that I’d stay away from unhealthy alternatives, and that I’d eat right, and exercise instead.

This sin was one that I loved and didn’t want to give up. I was scared. I constantly wrestled with it. And I knew it was keeping me from a closer relationship with God, and that I had to give it over to Him.

I said to Him, “I can’t do this on my own. I’m willing to take a step in faith to stop doing it the wrong way, knowing with all my heart that You will provide me the willpower to say ‘NO’ or give me a way out”.

That was the last time I was ever going to pray it. I didn’t want that struggle for the rest of my life. And while my view of food is not problem for me anymore, it’s an area I always have to keep close at heart, and pray about. I know the enemy is lurking, waiting at the door to creep in.

I think going on a diet like Weight Watchers is GREAT to learn portion control and to retrain yourself to eat properly. Food is a hard battle for most American’s since we have such an abundance and it’s so readily available to us. Stick to a plan and keep God close by your side.

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