Radio Interview: Jane Evans

When Jane Evans found herself pregnant at 40 years of age, she wasn’t sure she could do it all again. The mother of two teenage boys at the time, and wife of a pastor, Evans’ life was already busy beyond compare. Yet despite her fear and uncertainty, she felt God’s presence and knew He had a plan for this new season of her life. Her new book, Raising Children Without Going Insane, was born out of those experiences.

Evans and her husband, Ashley are the senior pastors of Paradise Community Church in Adelaide, Australia. Their congregation numbers over 6500 people. They have three sons, now ages nineteen, seventeen and four. In her “free” time, Evans travels the world speaking and teaching and she is also on the board of directors for Compassion Australia.

From the prologue of Raising Children Without Going Insane, Jane writes: “I am definitely not the perfect mother. I don’t have perfect kids – trust me, there are plenty of people who would agree with me! If you are are looking for formulas for raising children who are flawlessly behaved, then this is probably not the book for you. Rather, if you want to hear about another completely human mother’s journey, lessons I’ve learned along the way, things I’ve done wrong, and things that have worked, then read on.”

Join me and travel across the world to Australia and listen in as I speak with Jane Evans. You’ll be surprised how similar mothers are around the world….

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Note: If you’d like to watch a televised appearance of Jane this month, she will be on the following shows:

TBN’s Praise the Lord September 17th at 10pm ESTDaystar’s Celebration September 18th at 12pm EST
LeSea’s The Harvest Show September 27th at 9am EST

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