Inside Looking Out

Person standing in front of window looking outI have had times in my walk with Jesus,

seasons of learning;

lessons weaved in and out of my circumstances;

lessons to help me understand,

who I am,

and who He is.

There have been testings;

where faith was stretched,

and faithfulness tried.

These, not one, could have prepared for this…


This tearing down of financial security.

This tearing down of physical strength.

This tearing down of health.

This tearing down of freedom.

This tearing down of independence.

This tearing down of everything that can be depended on,

apart from Christ.

So that He can build up,

and train these hands for war,

relying on:

His security,

His strength,

His freedom,

His faithfulness.


This life is a battle.

In a world where nothing

is secure,



our Peace,

our Rock,

and our Redeemer;

I wait for the Lord.

On the inside looking out,

surrounded by His love,

shielded by His protection.

Knowing that this season of learning

has brought me to my knees,

in sweet repentance.

Weak yet strong;

uncertain yet secure;

constrained yet free;

full of faith,

and full of peace.


I know who I am.

I know who He is.

And that is enough.

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