June’s Blog of the Month

Each month we choose one blogger from our list of over 4,000 women to be CWO’s blog of the month. This month’s pick is ‘Getting Down With Jesus’.  I sincerely believe Jennifer possesses a genuine heart for Christ and expresses this in all of her posts.  She’s been through some hardships but with that she remains faithful and clings to the Lord consistently.  She is a very, very precious woman of God who is married to a wonderful man, has two girls and lives on a farm.

Jennifer writes a warm and inviting messaged on her blog:

“Welcome to Getting Down with Jesus, a place where we can share our gut-level thoughts on faith. My walk of faith has looked more like a series of stumbles, instead of a forward-march. Think, Scarecrow on The Wizard of Oz. He’s a little unsteady, often self-doubting, but always following a road to something bigger. I’m a long-time writer who has traveled a yellow-brick road from unbelief to faith in God. My intent here at Getting Down With Jesus is to get personal, honest and real with Him … and with myself. To get down to Truth. So whether your faith journey has followed a crooked, quirky path – or you’ve been walking the straight and narrow for a lifetime – you are welcome here.”

Visit Jennifer at: ‘Getting Down With Jesus’.

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