opening up to beauty

…opening up to beauty feels like risk and there are days when it feels like betrayal to look for joy in such small pieces of the world when that joy
co-exists with such pain, but I have settled somewhere in my heart that it is not betrayal ~ it’s faith.

Faith that the night season is not forever.  Faith that there is more delight ahead, more joy, more goodness in the land of the living.
opening up to beauty is placing stakes in the future, a way of not giving up or giving in.
it is a way to hope.

it is a choice to believe that despair is not always.  healing is sure.

I believe. I believe, I believe. (help Thou my unbelief)

a pattern, a promise, a prophecy, a lifeline ~ whatever you might call it, there is beauty here even as there is brokenness here, too.  it hurts to hold both but it hurts more, in the end, to not try.  it is worthwhile to fight for the eyes to see it.

open my eyes, my ears, my heart.
risk it all.
hope does not disappoint.
hope will not put us to shame.

I believe, I believe, I believe.


{Editor: Hebrews 11:1, Psalm 27:13, Malachi 4:2, Mark 9:24, Romans 5:5}

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